Prescription Addiction

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Band Biography


Discovery of an Afterlife (aka DoaA) is a post-hardcore / emo pop-punk transient rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, officially founded on August 20, 2015. The band's first release was a Self-titled EP in December of 2015 which catapulted them to the top of the ReverbNation charts.

The success of this Self-titled EP was followed up by their first full-length album 'Something More Than Us' a year after forming in August of 2016, featuring the four original 'Discovery of an Afterlife - EP' tracks re-mastered by Steve Nagasaki and 7 all-new original songs.  

Most recently, the band has released three singles off their upcoming EP ‘Mistakes We Make’. Those songs are ‘PantsOnFire’, ‘Prescription Addiction’, and ‘Lapis Lazuli’.

Discovery of an Afterlife is composed of the angelic melodies of Jon's bright vocals, contrasted against brutal blood-curdling screams. Leon forms and molds his layered guitar tracks to create an epic journey through life and death. Jayne covers Leon's layers with her fiery shredding. Buried, but very much alive, are the punchy bass and driving drums of bassist Dan and drummer/producer Josh. The tracks are a scorching conglomeration of different metal genre's, that comfortably meld together in your ears. The dual themes of life and death give the band's work a haunting and visceral sense of depth to be enjoyed by a large audience.


Current Lineup

Vocals / Screams - Jon
Guitar / Backing Vocals & Screams - Leon
Lead Guitar - Jayne
Bass - Dan
Drums & Percussion - Josh



Mistakes We Make

by Discovery of an Afterlife


We are excited to announce that we've been hard at work in the studio writing, mixing and recording our latest EP 'Mistakes We Make!'

This single "Pants On Fire" is a small taste of whats to come from the new EP. 

Earlier this year, we lost hundreds of hours of nearly finished work and back-up data due to circumstances beyond our control. We learned the hard way that sometimes repair is not an option and you have to burn it down and build anew.

A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who donated to the Mistakes We Make IngieGogo campaign. With the money we raised we will be able to finish the EP. If you'd still like to donate and help towards tour funds and a future music video, please see our online store.

Thanks so much for your continued support - We love you all!




Something More Than Us

by Discovery of an Afterlife

Phoenix, AZ-based post-hardcore outfit Discovery of an Afterlife’s first full-length is a loose concept album; each track is united under the theme of the one thing most certain in this life - death. It opens with the haunting, paranormal whispers of "Death," a psychedelic-ambient ensemble that foreshadows and explodes into “The Great Escape,” a monstrous melodic slice of metalcore-infused punk-pop euphoria. What follows is a compilation of melodic post-hardcore chants, anthems and ballads that push the limit of contemporary pop-metal. Lead vocalist Jonathan Brophy's warm, gentle voice leads you along on a thematic journey while Conner Posz’s bone-shrilling screams drag your psyche to the depths of hell throughout ‘Something More Than Us.’ Discovery of an Afterlife do their best to shuffle both worlds on the anthemic "Road to the Epilogue," the slow-ballad “Global Mourning,” and the closing track "The Meadow" which provides fans with a heavy-hitting, memorable send off into the unknown-abyss in which the album began.