Pioneered as a conglomeration of post-hardcore influences, Discovery of an Afterlife (DoaA) is a band that strives for excellence and passion above any need to fit into a particular genre. Conceived in the scorching desert of Phoenix, Arizona they are a self-promoting, self-producing band. Since their formation in July of 2015 they have established a six-person lineup, released a self-titled EP, and crafted a raw, captivating live show. Their debut full-length LP, 'Something More Than Us', produced under the direction of Josh Kneisler, was released on August 16, 2016.

DoaA's vocals are comprised of the angelic anthems of clean vocalist Jonathan Brophy and the beastly, belted ballads of screamer Conner Posz. Instrumentally Lee Castillo fires his saucy, soaring guitar solos and licks like fireworks across the canvas of rhythm guitarist Leon Valdez's melodic masterpieces. In the background is the welling fountain of bass brutality; Daniel Adams rumbling from the rear. Guiding the flow of the tune-tornado is none other than Josh Kneisler, located in the eye of the storm of this unstoppable musical juggernaut. The musical diversity of this group spans from semi-professional to academically trained. With them, they carry a range of different influences. Despite these minute differences, their musical cohesion is impeccable during studio recording and live performances.

Outside the band, each member is involved in different career fields. When they aren’t working, they practice Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. DoaA’s first live performance was at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona for the Vape Gravy Music Festival with headliner Run, Definitely Run! on April 2, 2016. The gig had a very successful turnout, and prompted a follow-up festival scheduled September 10, 2016.

DoaA scheduled the release of their first studio album August 16, 2016, months after their 4 song/ self-titled EP was released December 6, 2015 on I-Tunes, Spotify and Reverbnation. Their freshman LP 'Something More Than Us' features amped up versions of their 4 song self-titled EP; ‘A Tragedy Until We Forget’, ‘Lost By An Ocean’, ‘False Faith’ and ‘The Meadow’, as well as seven brand new original tracks. The band has provided their dedicated Facebook fan base with teasers of their upcoming material and relevant posts on their progress. Overall they plan to continue on their independent trek and hope to play a gig near you.

The band is purely managed through the membership and we consider ourselves a community. Our goals are ambitious but we are determined to produce the best and most diverse music we can. We hope you join us for the thrilling ride and become a part of our community. We love and appreciate you all for your support and hope to see you soon!


Clean Vocals / Jonathan Brophy

Unclean Vocals / Conner Posz

Bass / Daniel Adams

Drums / Josh Kneisler

Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Leon Valdez