DOAA Band Bio


Discovery of an Afterlife aka DoaA is a post-hardcore outfit based out of Mesa, Arizona officially founded on August 20, 2015. The founding members include Leon Valdez and Jon Brophy followed by Josh Kneisler, Daniel Adams and Conner Posz. Their first album was the self-titled EP released in December 2015, followed by the release of their first album entitled 'Something More Than Us', featuring the 4 re-mastered originals tracks.  

The band is composed of the angelic anthems of Jon with the contrasting growls and screams of Conner. Leon forms and molds his layered guitar tracks to create an epic journey. Buried, but very much alive, is the punchy bass and driving drums of Dan and Josh. The tracks are a scorching conglomeration of different metal genre's that meld together. The dual themes of life and death are embodied in the quest to overcome the challenges of life.


Clean Vocals / Jon Brophy
Unclean Vocals / Conner Posz
Bass / Daniel Adams
Drums / Josh
Guitar / Leon