Photos by Jacob

Photoshoot With Jacob Reynolds!

On Saturday we had an amazing opportunity to work with a local celebrity, Jacob Reynolds, on a photo shoot to create some killer professional pictures of the band. Jacob is an extremely talented photographer and videographer based out of Chandler, AZ and he has made some very cool stuff with some very talented bands in the Phoenix area. His portfolio includes work for The Dead Rabbitts, American Standards, Never Let This Go, and many more. His music videos frequently catch the attention of Alternative Press

Jayne, Josh, Conner, Jacob, Dan, Jon, and Leon at Tempe Town Lake 

Jayne, Josh, Conner, Jacob, Dan, Jon, and Leon at Tempe Town Lake 

We had so much fun working with Jacob and it was quite obvious quite quickly why he is in such high demand. This being our first professional shoot we weren't completely sure of what to expect, but Jacob made the whole process very simple and comfortable. He is very easy to talk to and joke around with, all while still being able to get the job done effectively. Because he has been part of the local music scene for so long he has the experience and expertise to cater to the needs of a band like us. Afterward he even hung around to take a band selfie with us and chatted a little longer about horror films and some of the bands we'll never stop listening to. 

We highly recommend Jacob's services to anyone in the Phoenix area, and we hope to work with him again on future Discovery of an Afterlife projects. If you'd like to hang out with Jacob and take some awesome pictures like we did you can catch him at the next New Found Glory concert or by heading over to his website, Photos by Jacob, and contacting him there.