SMTU Album Cover.jpg

Something More Than Us

by Discovery of an Afterlife

Phoenix, AZ-based emocore outfit Discovery of an Afterlife’s debut full-length is a loose concept album; each track is united under the theme of the one thing most certain in this life - death. It opens with the haunting, paranormal whispers of "Death," a psychedelic-ambient ensemble that foreshadows and explodes into “The Great Escape,” a monstrous melodic slice of metalcore-infused punk-pop euphoria.

What follows is a compilation of melodic post-hardcore chants, anthems and ballads that push the limit of contemporary pop-metal. Lead vocalist Jonathan Brophy's warm, gentle voice leads you along on a thematic journey while Conner Posz’s bone-shrilling screams drag your psyche to the depths of hell throughout ‘Something More Than Us.’ Discovery of an Afterlife do their best to shuffle both worlds on the anthemic "Road to the Epilogue," the slow-ballad “Global Mourning,” and the closing track "The Meadow" which provides fans with a heavy-hitting, memorable send off into the unknown-abyss in which the album began.

Listen to the entire debut full-length album for free by clicking on the ‘Something More Than Us’ artwork or any of the tracks.